Three Sixty Space - Build to Rent solutions

Build to Rent is a rapidly growing asset class in the UK which is raising standards in the Private Rented Sector (PRS) by delivering bespoke high standard rental properties for short, medium and long term investment.

Whether you plan to outsource or self-manage your Build to Rent project, delivering a successful investment from the start requires extensive expertise across many different property related disciplines, as well as exceptional local property market knowledge.

Prior to investing in a project, it is essential to understand local development economics, demographics, planning policy, current and future rental supply. Once secured, the property needs to be designed to ensure it delivers a highly sustainable building requiring minimal maintenance and attracts the ideal resident.

When rented, the properties need to be quickly let to great residents who pay on time and in full, who receive excellent care when they need help with problems or repairs. If residents decide to move on, this must be managed with a smooth transition between the previous resident and the new one to minimise void periods.

How can we help you?

We can help you achieve your Build to Rent project from inception to completion, or you are welcome to choose from the individual expertise we offer.

Site acquisition to development

Principally our PRS consultancy and Development Economic teams carry out local research to establish demand and supply in the area, now and in the future. We provide actual research based on decades of rental trends, all of which will support a successful planning application.

Securing the best residents

Attracting your target resident and establishing your brand in the local area is key to driving occupancy in a Build to Rent project

Property and resident management

This can be a time consuming task and requires a mix of extensive building expertise, coupled with knowing how to treat residents with care and kindness.