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Our approach


Build to Rent is a rapidly growing asset class in the UK which is raising standards in the Private Rented Sector (PRS) by delivering bespoke high standard rental properties for short, medium and long term investment.

Prior to investing in a project, it is essential to understand local development economics, demographics, planning policy, current and future rental supply.

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Identifying the perfect location and buying on the best terms is fundamental to a successful new development. Changeable political and economic factors mean that specialist advice is more valuable than ever.

Our nationwide Land team, with its extensive knowledge of changing opportunities and challenges, can steer you through the complexities of land selection and viability testing. This is supported by our market intelligence and development economics services which enable us to work with you to identify sites best placed for current and future demand. We can then oversee land assembly and acquisition, providing seamless integration with the planning process.

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Build to Rent faces some unique challenges when it comes to planning, including a lack of specific policies. Let us turn those challenges into opportunities.

Our national network of planning consultants provides expertise to help you navigate the planning system: from viability assessments, local plan allocations and masterplanning, through the extensive planning application process and beyond.

We provide creative and solutions in response to the changeable planning scene. We understand how both urban and suburban Build to Rent addresses emerging policy on levelling up and sustainable regeneration, and have political insight to promote these messages effectively, resulting in planning success.

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Build to Rent suburban communities, because of the extensive range of facilities that they provide, require thorough and comprehensive viability assessments.

Our experts are highly skilled in evidence-based assessments which, combined with locally-honed market insight, inform amenity selection, budgeting and masterplanning.

We can help you create the prefect mix of housing size and tenure in combination with commercial, retail and leisure amenities. From the broader objectives of identifying the balance of property types, to unit configuration, internal layouts and specifications, Three Sixty Space offers the skill set that you need to achieve the optimum return on your investment.

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Increasingly property investors, developers and managers aspire to ambitious environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. And Leaders Romans Group is no exception.

Our pioneering approach to Build to Rent suburban communities puts ESG at the forefront of our work – whether through governance (including data security, anti-money laundering procedures or leasehold compliance) or creating communities which benefit the health and wellbeing of our tenants, the wider community and the local ecology.

You can be assured that our high standards will be reflected in our work for you.

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New Homes

Build to Rent presents considerable opportunities to developers and investors. But as a relatively new offer, it is not widely understood. Communicating its unique benefits in an ever-changing market pose challenges.

With decades of experience which spans multiple property market cycles, our teams are ideally placed to understand changing demographic trends and market demand.

The UK’s top developers repeatedly choose LRG’s creative, bespoke approach to branding and marketing because our innovative promotional campaigns, both on and offline, combined with our high street presence, deliver excellent results every time.

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Lettings is at Leaders Romans Group’s core. We currently manage approximately 60,000 properties across the UK.

Our success is down to our local expertise - an expansive network of over 250 branches - which, when combined with our national experience, enables us to maximise profits and minimise risk.

Friendly face-to-face contact provides reassurance and an all-important individualised experience, while innovative online portals reduce administration and time costs, thereby increasing efficiency.

Build to Rent customers are buying both a product and a service. Promoting this in a changeable market is a challenge - but one that we’re ideally positioned to meet.

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Property and Estate Management

Effective property management for Build to Rent developments requires a dedicated personable service, fail-safe service standards, high regard to health and safety, and a dependable suite of IT systems.

Facilities management and the smooth operation of a range of amenities is more important to this form of property development than any other, which is why our team’s broad experience sets us apart.

Tenants appreciate the ease of online onboarding, property management and bookings; along with the trusted contact that our property managers bring.

Similarly, clients appreciate our efficient credit control, anti-money laundering and building management software, alongside bespoke offline services.


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