Securing the very best tenants

Our tenants rate their satisfaction as 4.5/5 on Google and in 2018 we carried out over 100,000 property viewings to help tenants find their ideal home to rent. Attracting your target resident and establishing your brand in the local area is key to driving occupancy in a Build to Rent project. We reach tenants via a dedicated microsite which they are always directed to, but we will also promote your investment via our local branch network and marketing. If appropriate, we may recommend on-site lettings experts on a temporary or permanent basis. This way, residents can contact us online, via the phone or face to face in our local office. We even have our own resident membership scheme called ‘The Residency’ which offers great deals to tenants while helping to drive engagement.


We create dedicated microsites for our clients’ development so that their brand image is immediately visible to potential residents with just one click. This is a potent and effective way of communicating the unique aspects of your scheme. Residents from a multiplicity of origins, including property portals and our nationwide branch network are directed to your site, ensuring maximum exposure of your development.

We also use social media and online marketing to target the widest available audience. This supports our efforts to reach additional prospective residents.

Lettings & Stabilisation

Our experienced lettings team leads the strategy for apartment lease-up and stabilisation. We generally agree the likely stabilisation period with you as part of the initial appraisal process. Depending on the size of the development, we may have onsite lettings negotiators either on a temporary or permanent basis. The whole pre-let phase is project managed through state of the art technology.

Branch Network

We have over 220 branches in our network and those closest to your development will work in tandem with our dedicated Build to Rent team, which ensures your units are extensively and well marketed locally, and offered to residents looking in the area. Our team will visit your development, get to know it well and ensure they can communicate its unique characters and features to the ideal residents.

Resident Onboarding

With so many communication channels at hand, most residents prefer to control when they communicate and how. We have a simple and intuitive onboarding system in place, which not only allows residents to enter their own information but also lets them know exactly where they are in the process and whether further information is required, ensuring a swift and seamless experience.

Resident Membership

Our unique resident membership scheme ‘The Residency’ includes a No Deposit Option, plus discounts for purchases at many of the UK’s big brand names. It even provides access to legal services including a free will-making provision.

This feature can be added to your development’s resident contracts for additional resident value and engagement.

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