Site acquisition to development

Principally our PRS consultancy and Development Economic teams carry out local research to establish demand and supply in the area, now and in the future. We can do this at a micro level as we will already be renting and letting property in the area. This means we can provide actual research based on decades of rental trends, all of which will support a successful planning application. As we work with local tenants on a daily basis, this unique knowledge is incorporated into our site design services to ensure we deliver practical shared spaces that residents love. This is communicated to tenants through our brand development services for your site and re-enforced via our interior design and furnishings recommendations.

PRS Project Consultancy

Our Build to Rent project team works with you from start to finish. We research local demographics and competitor buildings, advise on unit configuration and amenities, and work on detailed financial appraisal to secure funding.  Following this work, we are often retained as part of the design team to help plan buildings in the best way.

Development Economics

Our Development Economics team undertake a wide range of research and evidential studies to help our clients understand the market dynamics of a local area from demographics through to supply and demand for property and services. This work is used in the formulation of development strategy and is then carried forward to support planning application submissions for the final scheme by demonstrating the need for the proposed development and explaining the economic and wider regeneration benefits.

Site Design

We provide a range of masterplanning and architectural services. Our team members’ previous experience in award-winning design practices provides us with the technical expertise and imagination to create visionary, yet practical solutions. We thoroughly understand the planning process. Our scope of work extends from formulating a vision for a strategic site to the design of a building, and along the way incorporates urban extensions, new neighbourhoods, town centre regeneration, in-fill developments and designing streets and free spaces. We welcome the challenge to keep our service evolving and growing in order to provide the best, most appropriate solutions for each and every development. We work hard to remain at the forefront of ever-evolving sustainable requirements, and believe in the importance of integrating these with the creation of attractive and practical shared spaces that residents love and of which they can take ownership. In this way home-owner satisfaction is extended from the home itself into the wider community.


As a multi-skilled planning consultancy, we have experts in all areas of planning and deliver a comprehensive range of planning and complementary services across the UK for both private and public sectors. Our bespoke approach allows us to offer you the right combination of expertise to ensure that your applications and strategic promotions are informed, well-prepared and effectively presented. Given our comprehensive understanding of planning policy and procedures, along with our excellent working knowledge of how local authorities operate, we can confidently predict a successful outcome for you. Each project always receives the correct mix of skills to provide you with a planning team that is absolutely right for you. Our meticulous eye for planning means that we thrive on providing creative and successful solutions to what are often complex issues.

Brand development, interior design and furnishings

We offer branding services for your development that align with your ethos, target demographic and local surroundings. Interior design and furnishing are increasingly important in Build to Rent schemes. We design and install volume furniture solutions to create the right ‘look and feel’ for individual apartments. We also assess the life cycle of furniture products to enable forward planning.

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